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Curriculum Vitae; Jenni White

January 18, 2011 by admin

- University of Central Oklahoma (U.C.O.): M.S. Biology, 1995 and B.S. Biology, 1991
- John Marshall High School, Oklahoma City: High School Diploma, 1981


Restore Oklahoma Public Education
Co-Founder, President (unpaid position)
November 2008 to Present
- unpaid, grassroots public education lobbyist
- research and speaking on Common Core/Race to the Top and State Longitudinal Database Systems
- endorsed and assisted in campaigns for Janet Barresi, Scott Pruitt and Mary Fallin(2010)
- campaigned against SQ744 including writing, researching and lecturing on the topic all across the state
- researches and writes about issues involving public education affecting the state of education
- The Failure of Education 'Reform'. 7/2/11. American Thinker.
- The Education Tech Scam. 1/26/13. American Thinker.
- How Much Data is Enough Data: What happens when bureaucracies exceed their scope. 10/18/12
- Common Core State Standards - An Introduction to Marxism 101. 6/13/11.

Oklahoma Republican Party
- Member, Edmond Republican Women, 2012, 2013
- Member, Oklahoma City Republican Women, 2010, 2011
- Ran for state party Vice-Chair, 2011
- Precinct Chairman 2011, 2012, Precinct Vice-Chair 2013
- Member, Oklahoma County Republican Party Executive Committee (2012)
- Member, Oklahoma County Platform Committee (2011, 2012)
- Member, Oklahoma State Platform Committee 2012, Bipartisan Voter Education Website
Developer, Writer, Researcher (unpaid position)
May through November 2010
- assisted David White in developing and administering website
- researched candidates for statewide office
- wrote synopses for each candidate
- researched all state questions on the ballot for the year
- wrote, created and developed individual videos explaining the result of yes and no votes on state questions
- created business cards and vehicle transfers advertising the website
- organized efforts to distribute cards to the public

Education Coordinator (unpaid position)
March 2008 to February 2010
- developed programs for monthly meetings
- booked candidates for public office to speak with members
- published weekly newsletter and communicated meeting information to members

Marshall's Memories
Hand made jewelry
- 2005-2008
- designed, created and sold hand made jewelry

Independence Charter Middle School
2626 N.W. 65th, Oklahoma City, OK 73114
March 12, 1999 to May 31, 2002

7th grade Science Teacher
Duties and Accomplishments:
- Teaching duties in Chemistry, Cell Biology and Genetics in a Core Knowledge curriculum school
- Taught Oklahoma PASS skills and in accordance with National Science Education Standards
- Worked with Character Education classes to develop a project to bring children at Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City, entertainment, toys and crafts for Christmas
- Implemented a new teaching strategy in the classroom later published in Science Scope Magazine, May 2002, Volume 25, Number 6 “Science Survivor”
- Coached girl’s softball team all three years of employment and one season beyond

Resigned to stay home with son Coleman born June 2002.

Oklahoma State Department of Health,
Communicable Disease Division

1000 Northeast 10th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73117
February 1, 1998 to March 11, 2000

Duties and Accomplishments:
- Compiled and graphically represented communicable disease statistics for dissemination through various forms of written and electronic media
- Educated lay public and health professionals in communicable disease issues via various methods
- Re-designed and edited the Division’s “Fact Sheets”
- Produced the 1999 Communicable Disease Nurse (CDN) Conference, including; supervision and coordination of conference meeting facilities and all necessities, design of CDN logo, design and publication of CDN handbook, design of brochures and other written materials
- One of four authors awarded the Charlotte S. Leebron Memorial Trust Award by the Oklahoma State Medical Association, for the “most worthy” scientific paper published during 1998

Left to take teaching position with Independence Charter Middle School.

Deer Creek High School
Route 1, Box 137, Edmond, OK 73003
August 1994 to June 1996

High School Science Teacher
Duties and Accomplishments:
- Supervised and directed student learning throughout Botany, Zoology, General Biology and Physical Science courses.
- Developed and instituted a one semester Environmental Science course.
- Began an Ecology Club
- Wrote and accepted grants in excess of $4,000 from the Deer Creek Public Schools Foundation
- Inducted into “Who’s Who in American Teachers”, 1996.

Left to return to college for further training in physiology/anatomy.

University of Central Oklahoma
100 North University, Edmond, OK 73034
January 1992 to August 1994

Graduate Assistant
Duties and Accomplishments:
- Performed various laboratory duties and provided teaching assistance to laboratory students inside and outside the laboratory as needed.
- Developed and instituted a review course for microbiology laboratory exams which grew to nearly 65 students.
- Designed and developed Thesis project in cooperation with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Non-Game Division entailing the institution and development of a river otter survey for use in southeastern Oklahoma.
- Wrote and received grants from the Sigma XI Research Society (U.C.O. Chapter), and a Research Fellowship from the national Sigma Delta Epsilon Foundation (1994).
- Voted U.C.O. College of Math and Science Outstanding Biology Graduate by Faculty (1994).
- Nominated “Who’s Who In Science and Engineering” (1992)

- married to David White, 5 children
- member Quail Creek PTA 2007 to 2009
- member John Marshall High School Community Board 2010 to 2012
- attends Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond

Shackelford, Jenni and W. Caire. 1992. Variation in pH, Volume, Osmolality, Sodium and Calcium Levels of Hibernating Myotis velifer from Western Oklahoma. Journal of The Southwestern Naturalist. 38:159-162.

Shackelford, Jenni and Julianne Hoagland. 1997. Relative Abundance of the Northern River Otter Lutra canadensis, in Three Drainage Basins of Southeastern Oklahoma. Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Sciences. 77:93-98.

Shackelford, Jenni and Julianne Hoagland. 1995. Additional Observations of the Long-Tailed Weasel (Mustela frenata), and the River Otter (Lutra canadensis) in Southeastern Oklahoma. Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Sciences. 77:111-112.

Moody, E. K., Barker, R.W., White, J.L., Crutcher, M. 1998. Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases in Oklahoma. Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association. Vol. 91, No. 8. 438-445.

White, Jennifer L. 2002. Science Survivor. Science Scope. Vol. 25, No. 8. 41-43.

Sigma XI (U.C.O.) Chapter
- Bat Urine Analysis, 1991
- River Otter Distribution, 1993
Fellowship Award for Research, Sigma Delta Epsilon, 1994
Equipment Grant, Deer Creek Public Schools Foundation, 1995, 1996

U.C.O. Department of Biology Scholarship, 1993 and 1994
U.C.O. Foundation Scholarship, 1994
U.C.O. Sullivan Scholarship, 1994
U.C.O. College of Math and Science Outstanding Biology Graduate Student, 1994
Who’s Who in American Teachers, 1996
Charlotte S. Leebron Memorial Trust Award (Oklahoma State Medical Association), 1999

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